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Preeminent Law Firm: Santa Clarita Courthouse Specialists

Eisner Gorin LLPis a criminal defense law firm, which has been recognized as “Pre-Eminent Top 5%” U.S. Law Firm. One reason for the national recognition is that our law firm is committed to working closely with all our clients to aggressively and tenaciously defend all felony, DUI, and misdemeanor charges.

The firm’s Santa Clarita lawyers specialize in defending cases in the Santa Clarita Courthouse located at 23747 W. Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, California, 91355, just a short drive from our Local Office.

As former criminal prosecutors, we understand the problems of proof often encountered by law enforcement and the prosecution. We effectively advocate on behalf of our clients, to have criminal charges reduced, or the entire case dismissed because of a constitutional rights violation. Every case is different and requires a specific, aggressive, and thorough approach. The best and most effective approach is determined after working closely with our clients, reviewing the police reports, investigating problems of proof, and deciding on a trial strategy.

The firm’s attorneys are respected by prosecutors and judges who have personally witnessed our defense work for over 50 years in Southern California courts. Our Santa Clarita criminal defense attorneys are “lawyers’ lawyers,” which means that other attorneys have retained our law firm to handle their own personal criminal charges, or their loved ones’ criminal or DUI matters. And our court victory results speak for themselves.

Eisner Gorin LLP has an office in the vicinity of the Santa Clarita Courthouse. We are available seven days per week for an immediate consultation and specialize in defending cases in the Santa Clarita Court.

Contact our law firm immediately at (877) 781-1570 for a free consultation.