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A juvenile crime is any offense committed by a person who is under the age of 18. It can include minor offenses based on the individual’s age such as truancy, curfew violations and underage drinking as well as misdemeanors and felonies that are illegal regardless of age, such as DUI, drug crimes, assault, robbery, shoplifting, weapons charges, gang crimes, murder and manslaughter. The latter crimes fall under the category of juvenile delinquency.

A conviction for a juvenile offense can have a major negative impact on the future of a juvenile, putting at risk educational and career opportunities. If you or your child are facing a juvenile crime charge in the greater Santa Clarita area, it is vital that you consult with Eisner Gorin LLP. Let an experienced criminal defense lawyer evaluate your child’s case to determine what can be done to protect his or her rights and interests. Our attorneys have focused on criminal cases for decades and are thoroughly adept with all facets of criminal defense. We have more than 50 years of collective experience in the field of criminal law and can bring to the table our track record of proven results, extensive knowledge, and resources.

California Juvenile Crimes

After a juvenile offender is arrested, a law enforcement officer may release him to his parents or take him to juvenile hall where he may be booked or not. If the juvenile is booked, a petition may be filed with the juvenile court, which is similar to filing charges in an adult court. When a juvenile is tried and convicted in juvenile court, he may be placed on probation in the community, put in foster care or a group home, incarcerated in the county’s juvenile camp or ranch, or sent to Youth Authority as a ward of the state. In some cases, juveniles are remanded to adult court, due to the nature of their offenses. If they are tried and convicted in an adult court, they can be sentenced to the Department of Corrections or placed in Youth Authority through the age of 24.

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